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The Barista Essentials

Are you lost? Not sure where to start? Hopefully this walkthrough will perk up your sense of direction.

Who We Are

Learn all about our team at Barista Supplies and savour our coffee philosophy. Drink it in.

Coffee Accessories

Update your inventory with coloured milk jugs, chocolate shakers, home barista starter kits and more. Time to replace the dull, scratched stuff with something shiny and fresh.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Keep up with modern innovations and invest in sanitary milk jug rinsers as well as grinder and group head brushes. You can never have too many cleaning tools. Be mindful of wear and tear— especially when back flushing your espresso machine. Save time and money by looking after your equipment.

Brewing Gear

Turn your benchtop or kitchen into a science experiment that produces fine coffee. You don’t have to line the shelves with decanters and servers though. Brewing coffee can be as simple as using an AeroPress or pouring boiled water into a dripper.

Coffee Machine Parts

When it comes to coffee, consistency is key! Make sure you service your espresso machine and change your grinder blades regularly to keep them performing at their best. Talk to us if you are having trouble finding compatible parts.


At Barista Supplies we strive for quality assurance and have trialled many products. Rather than disappoint you with junk, we only deal with the best brand names.

Coffee Tampers

The tools you use to tamp ground coffee not only affect the overall quality of the coffee making process but they can make a great fashion statement. Toil with pride and fancy tampers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to read our comprehensive FAQ page about delivery advice and tips on how to order.


Barista Supplies Are Here to Help

Require assistance on selecting or purchasing any of our coffee accessories? Chat with us online. We provide everything you need to keep your regulars coming back for more.

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