Barista Essentials

If you own an espresso machine or coffee grinder you want to take care of your investment. We recommend preventative maintenance measures so that your equipment will perform better and last longer. This is barista essentials 101.
Coffee tools are designed to clean the group heads of an espresso machine. These stylish micro hand brushes can keep your hands cool by deflecting water from certain angles while you scrub. We also supply replacement brush heads.
Grinder brushes are ideal for clearing chunks and granules from your grinder blades and chambers as well as keeping your benchtop and general work space tidy. Some variations of the grinder brush have low handle profiles so that you can reach the nooks and crannies of an espresso machine.
Steam wand brushes help you to remove hard water deposits without scraping or scratching soft metal. The ergonomic T-handle is comfortable to use. There are a range of different sizes to suit your equipment.
Cleaning cloths are a barista’s best friend. Wipe benchtops, work surfaces, coffee machine cases—whatever needs a clean. If you are concerned about abrasive material scratching stainless steel we also stock microfiber cloths that are fluffy and soft.
Milk Jug Rinsers
When sanitary innovations in the café trade can improve workplace efficiency, save water and enhance your primary product, you should consider adding milk jug rinsers to your barista essentials checklist. After all, you need a clean and cool jug for quality textured milk.
Milk jug rinsers are easy to use. Just place a glass or jug face-down on the black star and press down gently to activate the pressure valve; water will drip down into the embedded drain and voila.
Variations of milk jug rinsers include flush mount, countertop and side spray. We also supply rinser disk replacements and all the spare parts to suit.
Sanitise with Style Today
At Barista Supplies we have all of your barista essentials covered. Need assistance? Drop us a line so we can help you clean, maintain and enjoy the perfect brew.

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