Aussies love to start their day with a cup of coffee. And most of the people around the globe also love it this way. And as important your daily cup of freshly brewed coffee is, so is the coffee maker that helps you achieve the task of making it. And if you are a commercial coffee café then you definitely know the importance of a quality coffee maker.

So, how do you choose your coffee maker? What factors define your decision? We discuss some key tips that you must look into when buying a coffee maker:

  1. Look at Your Habit and Preference
    Coffee makers are available in multiple varieties nowadays. So, it all boils down to the specific preference and convenience of an individual to pick one that matches their habits. For a commercial place, the theme they focus on, the coffee culture in their location, the expertise of barista and similar factors are what must be considered fully before picking the coffee maker.

  2. Quantity That You Would Be Brewing
    For a single person, a single-serving coffee maker is suitable, but for a family and for a commercial establishment, you would want a coffee maker that is able to brew high number of coffee cups. Assess the need of coffee brewing and then pick the one that matches your requirement more suitably.

  3. Evaluate the Long-Term Running Costs
    If you pick a single-serving machine then you would need capsules and pods which definitely add to the usage cost in the long term. Similarly, there are other aspects associated related with using other type of coffee machines. This is where you have to be smart and weigh your options thoroughly.
  4. Look at the Brewing Temperature
    The most suitable brew temperature for coffee is between 196°F to 205°F, and this is a fact that any professional barista must not overlook, to ensure delicious cup of coffee at their café or restaurant. Make sure to check for the brewing temperature mentioned on the box.

  5. Do Not Overlook Cleanliness and Maintenance
    Any coffee maker is a device that will be in regular usage. So you would want something that is durable, and also is easy and quick to clean and maintain without adding too much of an expense. Ensure that the coffee maker fits conveniently in your kitchen, see how its components can be cleaned and maintained. And pick a brand whose cleaning and maintenance can be done efficiently using your cleaning and maintenance items.

Apart from the above stated factors, cost is also one aspect that you would need to consider. But remember; do not compromise the quality with the cost. 

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