Pullman have created tools that assist baristas to control variables and improve consistency when preparing espresso with their flawless range. Products include the Nexus Tamper, Barista Tamper, Big Step Base, Chisel Distribution Tool and precision laser cut Filtration Baskets.


Pullman Nexus Coffee Tamper


The Nexus Tamper

The Nexus tamper range is perfect if you are after a top-quality Australian made Pullman Tamper. The Nexus tampers are available with a range of handles from high-impact Acetal plastic to exquisite oiled hardwood. The Pullman Nexus tamper features a solid stainless steel base and TrueTamp rings around the base assist in achieving a level tamp.

Pullman have also recently released the Nexus Pro. The Nexus Pro tamper is manufactured with an extremely accurate 58.5mm base and features a razor-sharp edge. The base size improves the evenness of extraction allowing you to extract everything from your coffee. Alike the Big Step base, the angled side-wall, avoids any vacuuming which may happen with larger tamper bases. 


Pullman Barista Tamper


The Barista Tamper

The Pullman Barista Tamper was designed with the professional barista in mind. All Pullman Barista Tamper parts are made in Australia from premium grade materials, so you can be assured of the highest quality results. The Barista series are ergonomically shaped and feature interchangeable spacers to adjust the height of the tamper to fit your hand perfectly. The precision-machined stainless steel tamper base features TrueTamp rings for a consistent and level tamp and an ergonomic synthetic rubber compression zone for maximum comfort.


Pullman BigStep Base

The Big Step

The Big Step refers to the design of the larger diameter 'stepped edge' measuring in at          58.55mm (+/-0.02mm). This increases the surface area of extractable coffee to be                  covered, including the prevention of a pinched edge of coffee grind that can occur when        using a incorrect base size. This base is made in Australia from an extremely high strength    (min 43  Rockwell) 440C Grade Stainless steel. These work perfectly with ridgeless                precision baskets (Such as, Pullman Filtration, VST, IMS and Strada, Synesso and some La Marzocco baskets).


Pullman BigStep

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