Joe Frex

Joe Frex – Concept Art
Founded in 1996 by Jörg F. Rexroth from Nuernberg, Germany started Concept Art out as a personal hobby and a passion.
A turning point came in 1996, when a friend asked him if he could build for him a knock box to go with his espresso machine. Yes, he could. Again, word spread of his new creation, and Jörg realised soon that a growing market for such accessories and espresso-related products existed out there.
By 2006 Concept-Art had become a household name around the world with coffee lovers, baristas and professionals in the food and catering industry.
Concept Art now goes by the updated name Joe Frex – They work with specialised designers and manufacturers to provide a wide range of products such as tampers, knock boxes/ knock chutes, tamping solutions, cleaning products, products for latte art and cupping equipment for coffee roasters.

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