Brita Fresh C50 Purity Replacement Filter Cartridge

Brita C50 Fresh Water Filter Cartridge

Brita Fresh C50 Purity Replacement Filter Cartridge

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Brita Water Filter



The Brita Fresh C50 Replacement Filter Cartridges are specially developed for soft water areas. The Brita Filters are perfect for use in the food service industry, and catering and vending sectors. The C50 Fresh water filter professionally optimises soft water – also water with a high particle density. The Intelligent filtration system optimally protects machine and beverage from unwanted particles.

Being the first filter cartridge with PURITY technology,  BRITA has set new standards in water filtration by introducing the PURITY technology. Users of low-capacity machines in the restaurant industry, and catering and vending sectors now also have access to PURITY technology. Depending on requirements, these cartridges reduce the carbonate hardness, as well as substances that can impair odour and taste, and the smallest of particles. Only in this way can the taste and aroma of the products develop and deliver top-quality results. Typical areas of application for the PURITY C filter cartridges are coffee and espresso machines, hot and cold drink vending machines as well as combi ovens and conventional ovens.

The unique IntelliBypass technology allows for a constant by-pass water rate irrespective of the volumetric flow. This ensures a consistently high water quality, particularly in case of low water throughput rates. The flexible by-pass setting of up to 70% enables the filter system to be used for water with lower carbonate hardness as well. The food quality provided by BRITA water filter products is tested and monitored by independent institutions. The PURITY systems carry the seals of approval from TÜV, SVGW, WRAS, VA and other national quality labels. Electronic components naturally bear the CE mark.


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Filtration stages PURITY C Quell ST 1. Prefiltration
Removes coarse particles
2. Carbonate Hardness Reduction
An ion exchanger reduces the carbonate hardness content and prevents scale deposits
3. Activated Carbon Filtration
Substances that can impair taste and odour are eliminated
4. Fine Filtration
Retains particles measuring up to 10 µm



  1. Delivers optimum results for all espresso-based beverages
  2. Reliably protects professional espresso machines from limescale and gypsum deposits
  3. Reduces taste and aroma impairing substances – for the perfect cup
  4. Easy to use rapid-change system with innovative locking handle and integrated flush valve
  5. The PURITY Technology utilised in the product helps reduce carbon hardness.
  6. The unique IntelliBypass technology allows for constant by-pass water rate which ensure consistently high water quality despite low water outputs.
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