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Cafelat Ultimate Barista Pack Zoom

Cafelat Ultimate Barista Pack


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The Cafelat Ultimate Pack includes all the essentials to complete your home or office coffee setup.

58mm Premium Tamper
The Espresso Premium tamper features a combination of different materials - in this case the middle section is a luxury walnut wood whilst the crown part is made from aluminium with a satin brushed finish. This is the result of having a professional designer look at the tamper design from the ground up. 


300ml & 500ml Latte Art Milk Jugs
The latest milk jug from Cafelat is an absolute beauty. It features mirror finish thick 304 stainless steel walls, an absolutely amazing spout for latte art, a rolled rim for holding it handle free and a handle designed to be as comfortable as possible.


Black Home Knock Box
With so many copies of Cafelats previous small tubbi knock box, Cafelat felt it was time to refresh the product range. The Home Knock Box now has a distinctive square design, it features 1 solid knock bar and a silicone ring on the bottom preventing it from moving around and also helps to reduce noise. 


Black Splat Tamping Mat
This is the smallest of the Cafelat tamping mats and is made from the same durable rubber as the others. It also features a small overhang if you want to tamp on the corner edge.


58mm Group Head Brush
The patented Cafelat cleaning brush is designed to clean your espresso machine grouphead, in particular those hard-to-reach areas around the sealing gasket. The brush fits most standard commercial espresso machines and "locks" into the group just like a portafilter. Each brush box set comes with an extra pair of natural fibre brushes.


Microfibre Cloths
The box set contains 2 grey and 2 black cloths; there are  2 colours so that you can assign a particular task to one colour - in particular differentiating a milk cloth from a regular counter or machine cloth. Convenient size of 30cm x 30cm

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