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Checkerboard Barista Tamper 58mm - Pullman Zoom

Checkerboard Barista Tamper 58mm - Pullman


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Pullman Tamper
Made in Australia

The Checklerboard handle is the striking trademark of Pullman Tampers. Made by alternately laminating Jarrah and Maple pieces, and then turning the resultant blank. 
The result is a strong, functional but very distinctive handle you're unlikely to miss! The Pullman Barista tamper is perfectly balanced tamper. The strength and balance of this handle would make it an ideal choice for a commercial outfit or for a home barista looking for a tamper with a contemporary look. 58mm Flat Stainless Steel base.

Product Description


    Care and Maintenance

    Tampers with acetal plastic or anodized aluminium handles are all impervious to boiling water and common cleaning agents so can be washed or wiped as required. Do not clean in commercial dishwashers or any harsh or caustic chemical cleaners such as bleach or caustic soda, and do not allow any chemicals to dry on the tamper. Tampers with wooden handles are pre-treated with Danish Oil and will absorb skin oils during normal use so it should not need any re-oiling. If the handle gets dirty, a quick wipe with a damp cloth is adequate, but do not allow wooden handles to get overly wet. If you find the wood is getting dry, a coat of wood oil, boiled linseed oil or even Canola oil can be beneficial to the wood, but make sure you wipe it all off after a few minutes to ensure a dry, dust-free surface. These oils are not as good as Danish Oil but they should work.

    The base can be unscrewed for cleaning if you wish, however once again a wipe with a damp cloth will remove any dried coffee residue. If you find the surface of either the base or handle has become damaged through hard use, we can arrange to have these restored for you.

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