For any espresso machine a portafilter is, and as echoed by professional baristas, one of the most important components. A portafilter is what forms the most ideal base of your coffee brewing process. A portafilter is that component which holds the ground espresso beans before and during the coffee brewing process, and it is that portion of the machine where hot water runs through the grounds and enables the extraction of flavour from the coffee grounds.

A portafilter is simple in function, but quite necessary and is central to any type of espresso machine, be it a semi-automatic or manual or professional, or else. With a strong presence in the industry, and focusing on providing the ideal and one-stop solution for your entire coffee needs, Barista Supplies presents to you a complete range of portafilters to enable your machine to perform optimally, whether you brew coffee at home, or are a professional baristas at a café.

Our comprehensive range of portafilter products includes bottomless (naked), all-in-one portafilter, portafilter body, portafilter handle, and much more. The entire assortments of products are sourced from leading national and global brands that ensure high performance and durability.

Avail the best in the coffee portafilter products at affordable prices!

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