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Espro Press P5

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The Espro Press 18 oz P5 is the safer, modern take on the traditional French Press. Constructed of 40% thicker and more durable German made Schott Duran® glass that features a safety lock to keep the glass in place during pouring and filters to prevent over brewing and over-extraction ensure the Espro Press will brew the perfect cup of coffee. Coffee filter included. Filters are BPA-Free. Makes 18oz. (approx 532ml)

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Product Description


    Espro Glass Press P5 Unique Features

    • Well designed dual filters which are easy to use and allow you to brew your coffee without fear of grit ruining your favorite morning ritual.  
    • The ability to create drip style or cold brew coffee for a delectable, healthy alternative with optional paper filters.
    • Optional tea filter available in order to keep both coffee and tea separate, so that one does not impact the taste of the other.
    • The Espro P5 delivers the best cup of tea available; the filters push the tea leaves downward into a closed, isolated compartment; brewing stops automatically.
    • Safety Lock™ completely secures the glass carafe inside the stainless steel cage
    • A carafe made from thick German glass; 40 percent thicker than other glass presses, along with a patent pending, detachable design makes the Espro glass press safe and easy to clean.
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