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Barista Supplies stock all of the essential coffee machine parts you need to maintain a successful espresso operation. Invest in your trade with the finest accessories and components.
Expansion Valves
Excessive heat causes water expansion which can affect long-term coffee extraction as well as the physical condition of the espresso lines. Ensure you have valves that are adjusted and fit for purpose because the last thing you need is pressure damaging your hardware and tainting the blend.
Filter Baskets
Consistent, efficient extractions are possible with the VST Inc. precision filter basket. These filter baskets flaunt machine-finished holes that accentuate circularity which is brilliant when extracting coffee from a compressed puck. Make the most of your compacted coffee.
Group Head Seals
Also known as group head gaskets, group head seals are rings of rubber that fit on grooves or lugs on the machine to protect it from overall wear and tear when it regularly meets the portafilter during espresso operation. Group head seals become brittle over time due to constant heating and cooling and should be replaced often because over time they can also shrink, making them difficult to remove.
Portafilter Handles
Naked/bottomless portafilters have exposed baskets that allow baristas to view the extraction process. You can determine whether water is channelling correctly and can also tell if the coffee was tamped evenly. Standard portafilters are also available.
Shower Screens
Shower screens are important coffee machine parts. Not to be confused with a bathroom curtain, a clean shower screen ensures that the filter basket will receive an even distribution of water from the group head, which is important for baristas to brew beverages of consistent strength and consistency.
Grinders Burrs/Blades
Maintaining clean grinder burrs is essential to achieving rich and full bodied espresso shots. Removing grinder burrs and thoroughly cleaning will help extend their life.
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