Spectra Descaler Powder – Cafetto

Spectra Descaler Cafetto Coffee Machine Cleaner

Spectra Descaler Powder – Cafetto

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Spectra Descaler Powder – Cafetto


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An eco-friendly powder descaler which visually indicates whether a descaling cycle has been successful using pH-sensitive dye compounds. Orange indicates an effective descaling cycle, and blue indicates that another descaling cycle is required.

Rapidly and easily removes lime scale and calcium build up from espresso machine water tanks, boilers and coffee brewers.


  • Contains a synergistic blend of organic acids that give outstanding scale removal.
  • Registered by Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) as an allowed input in organic systems
  • Certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).
  • Spectra is free from phosphate and Genetically Modified Organisms.
  • Leaves no harmful residues and does not cause corrosion within the coffee machine
  • Safe to use on aluminium, brass and stainless steel.
  • All ingredients are all rapidly biodegradable meeting international standards.


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  1. Add 1 scoop (25g) to 500mL of water and dissolve to form an orange solution. Pour into water tank (if machine has a water filter, remove this prior to turning machine on).
  2. Place a cup under the coffee dispenser and run 120mL of solution through the machine. Run 60mL out through the steam wand.
  3. Leave the descaler in the machine for 15 minutes before running the remaining descaling solution through the machine. Ensure steam wand is purged by turning the steam on for at least 20 seconds.
  4. The descaling solution exiting the machine should be orange, indicating the descaling cycle has been effective. If the solution is blue, run another descaling cycle by repeating steps 1-4.
  5. Rinse thoroughly by flushing one tank of clean fresh water through the system, as well as through the steam wand.Spectra Cafetto Descaler


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