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TampSure Half Kit - Pullman Zoom

TampSure Half Kit - Pullman


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The Pullman TampSure is a set of adaptors for your Pullman Barista Tamper. The TampSure adaptors are designed to allow for differing head room according to the density of coffee you are using. The TampSure half kit has 3 adaptors 9mm, 10mm & 11mm. Developed specifically for the busy cafe environment, with multiple baristas and tamping techniques, the TampSure is the answer to your consistency problems. With correct and accurate dose control, each extraction is tamped to the same depth every time, no matter how much pressure is applied, resulting in consistent and repeatable quality coffee. (Barista Tamper & Base is NOT included)

Product Description


    Choosing the right adaptor size

    1. Dial in your coffee
    2. Tamp as per normal
    3. Measure the distance from the top of the basket to the top of the tamped grounds. 

    Choose 1 mm either side to allow for marginal changes in the coffee

    The TampSure is not designed to be adjusted coffee to coffee. The simplicity and beauty of this tool is that it is a set and forget mechanism that only needs to be adjusted when a new coffee is dialled in.

    What's in the box: 

    1 x TampSure™ Guard

    3 x Height Adjustment Spacers: 9mm, 10mm, 11mm

    3 x Handle Spacers: corresponding to Height Adjusters *

    How to assemble:

    Pullman Tampsure Diagram

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