Temptag Pro 12 Pack

Temptag Pro Thermometer Pack
Temptag Pro Thermometer Pack of 12

Temptag Pro 12 Pack





The Temptag Pro is the next generation of milk temperature control. It features three windows, the first window reacts at 55°C, the second window reacts at 65°C and third window reacts at 70°C, making it easier for baristas to keep up with steaming different milk types at different temperatures.

The Temptag Pro gives the barista an instant indication on the milk temperature as each window reveals the temperature as it is steamed. The easy to read sticker makes steaming milk effortless and consistent. Proudly designed and made in Australia. Pack contains 12 Temptag Pro stickers.

The accuracy of the Temptag Pro allows the barista to serve coffee at a perfect temperature every time. Unlike traditional thermometers, you’ll never need to worry about calibration. Temptags have no direct contact with milk as they’re applied to the outside of the milk jug, this eliminates the possibility of cross contamination as well as promoting hygiene. Temptags are quality thermometers that are easy to read, clean and have great accuracy.

The Temptag Pro will show when the ideal milk temperature is reached by changing colour.  The three indicators work as follows:

The window on the left will change to orange revealing the temperature is 55C. This temperature is ideal for soy milk, almond milk or warm milk.

The window in the middle will change to green revealing the temperature is 65C. This temperature is ideal for full cream and skim milk.

The window on the right will change to red revealing the temperature is 70C. This temperature is for extra hot coffees.

It is recommended that the Temptag be placed at the suggested placement, be used by adhering to the care instructions to prolong the life and replace Temptags when necessary.


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The Temptag® is best hand washed only. Avoid using strong chemicals, scourers and steel wool directly onto the Temptag® to prevent surface damage. If the surface is broken, replace with a new Temptag®. It is expected that the Temptag® will display accurately for 4-6 weeks depending on care and usage. If the black window appears grey of cloudy or the Temptag® bubbles or begins to peel, we recommend you replace it to maintain consistency.

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