Pullman Yellow Barista Tamper Handle

Pullman Yellow Barista Coffee Tamper Handle

Pullman Yellow Barista Tamper Handle


Pullman Coffee Tampers


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The Pullman Barista tamper was primarily designed for use with an anodized aluminium handle and this combination will provide a balanced tamper. While aluminium doesn’t feel as warm to touch as wood or plastic, it boasts high the highest resilience of the three materials. Along with a wide variety of colours, it has the widest and arguably the most striking aesthetic spectrum. As customisation and adjustability is one of its strong suites, the pullman tamper can be suitable for any base and can be simply interchangeable by unscrewing the handle.

Aluminium is an inherently soft metal, however the ‘anodising’ process colours and hardens the surface, making it more resistant to denting and chipping. This is different to ‘powder-coating’ which simply applies a layer of colour (like paint) over the top of the metal that chips off quite easily. The Barista tamper’s impervious materials mean it can be easily washed or wiped to get it clean in a flash. The strength and balance of this handle would make it an ideal choice for a commercial outfit or for a home barista looking for a tamper with a contemporary look.

Feature and Benefits

  • Ergonomically adjusted grip
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in Australia

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  • Tampers with acetal plastic or anodized aluminium handles are all impervious to boiling water and common cleaning agents so can be washed or wiped as required.
  • Do not clean in commercial dishwashers or any harsh or caustic chemical cleaners such as bleach or caustic soda, and do not allow any chemicals to dry on the tamper.
  1. The Barista tamper when coupled with the base (sold separately) has three different stackable height-adjustment spacers (included with base).
  2. Simply unscrew the handle to install or swap the spacers.
  3. After adjusting to the right tamper height, proceed to tamp and brew the perfect shot of coffee