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Coffee Accessories for Melbourne, Sydney and all of Australia

What’s the difference between a good coffee and a great one? The details. Specifically: Everything from the state of the counter to the quality of your equipment. First impressions can make or break loyalty.

Your café’s reputation depends on your coffee consistency and quality. Make sure your barista is well equipped with the right coffee accessories. After all, it only takes one cup to either impress or to scare off potential regulars.

Coloured Milk Jugs

Choose from a sleek and vibrant range of coloured milk jugs with non-stick coats - blue ocean, green earth, orange sun, red lava and black night. These coffee accessories are ideal for latte art and have great temperature control.

Coffee Knock Bins

Baristas often bash their waste bucket to dislodge espresso pucks. Cheap, nasty receptacles tend to wear and make a lot of noise. You need a solid, reliable solution that can tolerate the abuse. Our knock bins feature a bar (food grade silicon) that sits firmly in place for you to tap away.

The base is rimmed with rubber so you don’t make too much noise either. Cleaning is easy: simply remove the bar. These bins are dishwasher safe, made in Australia and are suitable for domestic use, too.

Barista Bags

Save time on cleaning knock bins by lining the interior with an extra heavy duty, heat resistant barista bag that you can dump along with the rest of your hard waste.

Measuring Glasses

Why leave espresso shot ratios to chance when you can nail it every time with dishwasher safe measuring glasses (marked in increments from 15ml-60ml).

Milk Thermometer

Stainless steel milk thermometers come with a clip that are suitable for milk jugs between 300-1000ml. These coffee accessories can help you serve beverages at consistent temperatures.


Great range of digital scales that measure to the gram. Sealed buttons and protected display in the event of spills.

Chocolate shakers - Home and commercial use.

Home Barista Starter Kit

Impress friends and family with your own premium starter pack. The Home Barista Kit is chock full of everything you need to whip up cappuccinos and lattes like a pro.

  • Deluxe stainless steel coffee knock bin
  • 58mm flat base wood hand tamper
  • Stainless steel chocolate shaker
  • 350ml stainless steel milk jug
  • 600ml stainless steel milk jug
  • Milk thermometer
  • Digital timer
  • Measure glass
  • Grinder brush
  • Black Pallo coffee tool
  • Flat tamping mat
  • Latte pen
  • Black microfiber cloth

Everybody Needs a Coloured Milk Jug

Whether you are preparing an army of baristas for cultural warfare or looking for more sophisticated ways to caffeinate, see our range of coffee accessories. Having trouble finding something? Let us know.

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