Coffee Tamper

The tools and techniques you use to compress ground coffee into a portafilter can have a big effect on extraction.
Did you know that the right coffee tamper can help you improve the quality of your coffee and give you a more consistent result? Get it right from the start with the barista essentials that shows everyone that you’re ready for business.
Show everyone that you care about excellent coffee. Be the barista that competitors will aspire to become. If the ground coffee, for example, is not distributed and compressed evenly there goes your chances of making that perfect espresso. Also consider your hands after a long day. Prevent sore wrists and blisters by using premium quality gear.
The Pullman range offer Australian made coffee tampers that feature:

Rings on the base to help you level and gauge grind volume without measuring
Ergonomic rubber handles to fit your hand naturally and comfortably
Lightweight and balanced design for full control
Adjustable handles that allows 2mm, 5mm and 8mm spacers

There are many styles to choose from. The Pullman Jarrah Nexus evokes that rustic kitchen aesthetic whereas the Pullman Forest Green would suit a modern, sleek setup.
Reg Barber
Reg Barber has produced custom coffee tampers since 1995 and his current line-up is simply exquisite. Pick a bright, vibrant tool (sunshine yellow, hot pink, sublime green and more) or run with an elegant aluminium finish.
Traditionalists will love the grain patterns of tall maple and sapwood.
Joe Frex Technic Tamper
The Technic Tamper enhances barista performance by ensuring a consistent pressure tamp with every use. Optimise coffee extraction with this neat gadget.
How is The Technic Tamper different to other coffee tampers? Instead of being one solid implement, this device can be adjusted for pressure. The engineered pressure limiter can be calibrated within a range of 8 kg to 21 kg (18 lbs to 46 lbs) by adjusting the central screw inside the handle’s core. The dynamometric tamper will automatically trigger a click-release once the selected pressure is reached like a torque. Simply press down and then turn the handle clockwise to polish the grind.
Tamping Mats and Stands
Protect your benchtop and minimise mess with our range of durable mats and stands.
Tamp Like a Pro Today
If you need help finding the coffee tampers to wield let us know.

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