Brewing Gear

The brew technique is both an art and a science where coffee purveyors with a flair for finesse perfect their signature extraction with the assistance of modern technology. Strive for a consistent balance of acidity, texture and flavour with our recommended range of Cafec products that are all compatible.
Hand Grinders
Did you know that friction from metal blades can potentially eliminate some of the essential oils found in coffee? Our selection of lightweight, hand-operated grinders with ceramic blades and burrs are designed to preserve the natural oils in the grind.
Goose Neck Kettles
Goose Neck stainless steel kettles for precise pouring. Pour-over brewers need a reliable vessel with a steady flow rate for that even saturation during the bloom stage.
Coffee Drippers
Cafec coffee drippers are a simple brewing accessory for both home and commercial use and look like a tea cup only there’s a hole at either end. Place a filter in the dripper and then fill it up with ground coffee (don’t forget to place a carafe or glass underneath). Start your bloom pour by saturating the grounds with boiled water (this will release trapped gases). Pour more boiled water in small, concentric motions to allow the ridges in the dripper to brew evenly and away you go.
These stylish coffee drippers come in glass, ceramic and metal variations.
Filter Papers
If you go to the effort of brewing the perfect blend you should invest in disposable paper filters. Just rinse them with boiled water before you start brewing so that you don’t end up with a paper-tainted beverage.
Range Servers
Complete your brewing range with a heat-proof glass receptacle that comes with a rubber insert that retains heat. How much coffee do you need to serve? Choose from 360ml, 600ml and 800ml varieties.
Drip Decanter
Looking for a brewing and serving package for two? The drip decanter has everything from the plastic dripper to the paper filters required for a memorable treat.
Cold Drip
Do you prefer your coffee chilled and full of flavour minus the acidity? A cold drip drains water through the mix and leaves a concentrate that you can serve with ice or store in the fridge for later.
Arm Stands
Turn your benchtop into a lab experiment with arm stands that are designed to hold a dripper directly above a server/carafe.
AeroPress Coffee Press
The AeroPress coffee press can fix coffee in a minute. Simply place the micro filter in the cap and fit it to the chamber, add your coffee and boiled water, stir for ten seconds and then gently plunge for 20 seconds.
The press is easy to clean. We stock all of the accessories too: Stir paddles, chambers, plungers, seals, scoops, funnels, replacement filters and brewing disks.
A syphon, also known as a vacuum pot, is probably the most visually appealing way of brewing coffee. The stable, controlled chamber allows you to extract the ground coffee without the risk of burning the solution. Syphon filters comprise paper, cloth and mesh options.
Get Your Brew On
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